Americans love news of Britain’s bouncing royal baby – AFP

December 10, 2012

According to AFP:

“I think there is an aspect (of the British monarchy) that fascinates Americans, the whole notion of people who live in castles and palaces,” Susan Kelley…told AFP.

Fascination with the British royals has been part of American celebrity culture since the storybook wedding of William’s parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana…

From across the pond, Scottish journalist and former Washington correspondent Alex Massie…dismissed America’s love for British royalty as “ghastly.”

“…much of American culture thirsts for dynasties and aristocracy to an extent and with a prominence that is sometimes hard to find in the United Kingdom,” he opined.

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge during the Diamond Jubilee, 5 June 2012. Photo by Carfax2.


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  • reader

    I don't find it "ghastly." How dare he call it that!

    • RaymondDrake

      Americans are much more conservative than is generally believed, and many Europeans who equate America with Hollywood are "shocked" at how "backward" we are. Why when George W. Bush won the 2004 presidential elections, many in the British press were similarly "aghast." Their headlines seemed to say, "What's wrong with America?"
      Much, of course, is wrong with America, but not this love of tradition, royal pageantry, and social inequality. This is good, and deserves to be preserved and spread to millions more.

  • RaymondDrake

    Nearly 23 million Americans got out of bed in the middle of the night to watch their royal wedding in April of last year. Many others watched clips of it in the days and weeks that followed. That's no small number or American enthusiasts for the British monarchy.

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