Antarctic territory named for Queen Elizabeth – The Guardian

December 20, 2012

According to The Guardian:

Foreign Office declared that a tract of frozen land about twice the size of the UK in Antarctica was to be named after her as Queen Elizabeth Land.

The area…is around 169,000 square miles (437,000 sq km), making up just under a third of the land mass of the British Antarctic Territory.

[It] is bordered on its north side by the Ronne and Filchner ice shelves, to the north-east by Coats Land, on the east by Dronning Maud Land and extending on the west side to a line between the South Pole and Rutford Ice Stream, east of Constellation Inlet.

To read the entire article in The Guardian, please click here.

Queen Elizabeth II arrives at the House of Parliament to formally open a new parliamentary session, as part of the State Opening of Parliament.

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