Medals to the Gurkhas

March 16, 2017

According to the Royal Household:

The medal ceremony started with the Royal Gurkha Rifles and The Band of The Brigade of Gurkhas marching from Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace. The Gurkhas then assembled in The Ballroom of Buckingham Palace where they were presented with their medals by The Prince of Wales and Prince Harry.

154 medals were awarded to members of the Royal Gurkha Rifles following their return from Operation Toral, the UK mission to secure key sites within Kabul, in December 2016.

2017 marks the…Prince of Wales’s Fortieth Anniversary as Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Prince Harry…served with the Gurkhas in Afghanistan…

To read the entire article from the Royal Household, please click here.

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