Queen Elizabeth gives Royal Assent to Brexit

March 16, 2017

According to BBC News:

The Queen has given Royal Assent to the Brexit bill, clearing the way for Theresa May to start talks to leave the European Union.

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill was passed by MPs and peers on Monday.

It allows the prime minister to notify Brussels that the UK is leaving the EU, with a two year process of exit negotiations to follow.

Mrs May says she will trigger the process by the end of the month.

It is unlikely to happen next week to avoid a clash with an informal summit of EU countries.

To read the entire article in BBC News, please click here.

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  • Carlos Mesa

    As we can clearly see, the European Union in theory sounds like a stable and unified order, unfortunately not all play by the same rules nor share the economic systems and order as others do. The net result is that the stronger nations must carry the burdensome yolk of the reckless managed nations. A prudent and wise choice on behalf of the Queen for the betterment of her nation.

  • Forensic Doc

    Jolly good show.

  • KC135TopBoom

    Long live the Queen

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