New security measures at Buckingham Palace

March 30, 2017

According to The Crown Chronicles:

A new set of bollards have been placed outside of Buckingham Palace overnight, in response to the recent Westminster attack.

The yellow structures will prevent any vehicles mounting the pavement area – as happened in the attack on Wednesday – but will slow the flow of foot traffic at the tourist hotspot.

Security in the capital has been improved – London forces are thought to be operating at near double strength – and in other large cities, more police patrols have been noticed. Armoured bomb-proof vehicles have been spotted outside the Palace of Westminster; they can reportedly withstand an onslaught…

To read the entire article in The Crown Chronicles, please click here.

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  • Carlos Mesa

    Unfortunately all of the post-attack measures aimed at curbing future terrorist attacks amount to nothing. This is a serious, deep rooted problem that appears to maintain its’ grip on Western society. Both government and the media are culprits in this war that is being waged by Islam onto Western Europe and the United States.

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