April 30, 2017 – 170th anniversary of the Archduke who discovered how to defeat Napoleon

April 27, 2017

Today in History

Archduke Karl with his staff. Color print by Felician Myrbach

– April 30th, 1847 – Archduke Charles of Austria, Duke of Teschen

Archduke Charles (full name in German: Karl Ludwig Johann Joseph Lorenz)
of Austria was born on September 5th. 1771 in Florence
(then the Grand Duchy of Tuscany).

His parents were Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor and Infanta Maria Luisa of Spain.

The family of Archduke Charles of Austria, painting by
Johann Ender

In 1815 he married Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg. They had 7 children.

Archduke Charles of Austria began his military service in the wars of the French
Revolution. He commanded a Brigade at the Battle of Jemappes (1792). In 1806
he became a field marshal. Archduke Charles of Austria was noted as one of the
best generals of Europe.

He died in Vienna on April 30th. 1847.

h/t: All About Royal Families

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  • Timpic

    I think it was that Napoleon only ever had one plan and he trusted his ‘star’ to help him win. As the Duke of Wellington also discovered if one had a ‘backup’ plan for when things went wrong for you, Napoleon did not have an answer. Nap relied greatly on intimidation of ‘scaring’ the other party into defeat, again if one refused to be scared Napoleon’s plans could be upset. Though touted as a great victory Marengo was almost a defeat for Napoleon, Melas had out generated him and it was only the unexpected arrival of Dasaix’s corps at a curtail time and location that saved him, in the following years Napoleon claimed hat had been his plan all along, which was a lie, and Desaix had conveniently been killed after winning the battle for him. I think Charles studied these early battles and at Aspern had troops of the right quality to counter Napoleon’s moves, though not enough to swim the campaign. Wellington on the other hand did. Napoleon was beaten by generals who did not suffer from his defect of thinking he could never loose.

  • Frank

    The title says that he is “the Archduke who discovered how to defeat Napoleon”, but we are not informed what he discovered that brought about the defeat of Napoleon. So, I am left to wonder what he discovered.

    • sdl

      He inflicted Napoleon’s first major setback at Aspern-Essling.

      • Frank

        What was stated was that he “discovered how to defeat Napoleon” and I still look for what he discovered. That Archduke Charles defeated Napoleon does not answer the question–what did he DISCOVER.

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