Here We Go Again

January 4, 2018

According to The Royal Central:

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has suggested that Australia should turn to a postal survey, if or when they break ties as a constitutional monarchy.

Peter Fitzsimons, Chair of the Australian Republic Movement (ARM) was delighted at the possibility of the vote and urged for a commitment for a national vote on becoming a republic after the next election.

ARM suggests that the public should vote in two parts- if they want a head of state and how should that head of state be picked?

To read the entire article in The Royal Central, please click here.

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  • Michele H.

    ‘Merica. Watch out for your retirement savings.

  • Wolemai

    They simply will not take NO for an answer, They will not stop until they have their way. I note Peter Fitzsimons is their Chairman. He seems to support every left wing, radical cause, known to mankind and he is very aggressive about it. This gives us but a foretaste of what living under a republic led by them will be like.

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